Karen and Allen Kaeja

karenallenKaeja d’Dance bridges dance art and the public. The work is personal, highly physical, quirky and sensual, revealing stories, lives lived and risks we take as human beings. Since 1991, Kd’D has triggered a cascade of award-winning contemporary creations in dance performance, site works with extreme numbers of dancers and screen dance. Living fully at the heart of Kaeja are Co-Artistic Directors Karen & Allen Kaeja. Having carved their own identity, the “Kaejas’ choreography has always stood firmly and boldly in space”, Paula Citron, Globe and Mail, 2011. They break ground and weigh heavy on the inclusion of professional dance artists and real people in exclusive creative partnerships, in order to experience and perform dance art. They recently received the CDA ‘I Love Dance’ Community Award for Canada’s first national dance awards.

Bringing together exquisite dance artists and collaborators to infuse and exchange meaningful experiences both on and off stage in local and international communities, Kaeja tours live performances, dance films, and in-demand education & outreach programs, mentorship equations and collaborations. Kaeja has been platformed in all avenues of their activity through presenters, exchanges and residencies across Canada, in the U.S, India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Israel, England and Scandinavia, with people of all ages and identities.